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April 14: All students need to download and fill out a Host Family Form
fill out details are here. Faculty who are staying with host families should also fill out a form.

April 11: Summer tuition scholarship from College of Arts DUE APRIL 28th. See form below for more info.!!!
More Summer Semester scholarship options here

April 9: See the attached files below for an updated student checklist as well as a tentative itinerary. Both are subject to change, so keep visiting the wiki for the latest versions!

April 9:
Information Meeting!!! Friday April 11 at LAII (801 Yale NE, building #182A on the Central Campus Map)
Annoucement Poster - Download above or see here

March 29:
  • Everyone should attend the Orientation meeting: 3:00 - 4:30 Wed. April 2 at the Honors Forum
  • Details on the group flight and downloadable ticket informantion are available here.
  • A downloadable letter detailing program costs is available here

March 11: good news!!
  • As people are learning, the going cost of round-trip airfare from Albuquerque to Quito, Ecuador is $1200-1300. The prices vary and some days tickets are inexplicably a bit cheaper or a bit more expensive. So, we did some investigating and found a deal. It involves departing and arriving at the airport in Cd. Juarez. The carrier is AeroMexico, Mexico's premier carrier, a world class airline with an outstanding safety record. The cost is $782 for the round trip. So, I reserved 25 seats. Itinerary details here. This will save each student or faculty member around $400.00. This means, or course, that travel to and from Cd. Juarez will have to be arranged. Some students may wish to have friends of family drive them.
  • Otherwise, there is bus service to El Paso ($30) and shuttle service and taxis to the airport ($10). Since most faculty and graduate students will be taking their seats on the flight, we will be able to arrange joint bus travel to El Paso and across the border to the Cd. Juarez airport.
  • Please save up your questions on this until our first Orientation meeting - tentatively scheduled for April 5, after Spring Break.

Feb. 26: Our Early Application Deadline has passed - so:
  • All of the early applicants accepted into the program - congratulations, you've made one of the best decisions of your undergraduate career. We hope all of the early applicants apply here (link) for one of the scholarships that the Global Education Office administers. Time is running out with deadlines of Feb. 28 for the ISI scholarship and March 1 for the Regents' International.
  • We've accepted eighteen applicants into the program as of today. That means we still have spaces. The fact that we still have spaces means that we will continue to recruit. Experience tells us that by recruiting we will continue to give students an opportunity to have what will prove to be, perhaps, the finest educational experience they will have as undergraduates. We our work to have the maximum impact for the maximum number of students we can serve without compromising the quality of the program.
  • So, we have planned another information/recruitment session. That session will be 3:00-4:00 on Thursday March 6 a the Reading Room, 3rd Floor Ortega Hall. Here (link) is the poster. Students who are already in the program and students who have attended other info. sessions are welcome, but this meeting focuses on introducing the program and providing information and perspectives to students who have just heard about the program and/or are making up their minds.
  • We are having a faculty meeting this Friday (2/28) and will be planning our first Orientation meeting for student who we've accepted into the program. This meeting will focus on helping students with plans and concrete issues.
  • All Conexiones students, students who've given us application information, paid the application fee, and received the letter of acceptance now need to formally register with the Global Education Office. Here is the link . We kept our application process simple because we knew that students would have to register with the GEO and we did not feel that students need to provide the level of information that the GEO requires prior to acceptance. Once students are accepted, the information and requirements that the GEO asks of students makes sense. It is important to have study abroad student info. stored in a central location.
  • We will be dealing with the Program Stipends just after Spring Break when students will know about the GEO scholarships - whether they have gotten GEO scholarships, the amount of the scholarships, etc.

Feb. 17: Please note a couple of things
  • Our Early Application Deadline (Feb, 21) is coming right up.
  • The deadlines for scholarship applications for the Global Education Office administered Scholarships are also coming right up. The International Summer Study Institute Scholarship application deadline is Feb. 28 and the Regents International Study Scholarship application deadline is March 1.
  • We want all of our students to apply for one or both of these.
  • In order to qualify students must be accepted into a study abroad program. This is why we have an early application deadline on Feb. 21. This give us time to quickly review applications and accept students into the program in time for them to make the scholarship application deadlines. If you have been accepted into the program and want to apply for the Regents International Study scholarship follow this link. If you want to check out the ISI scholarship and apply follow this link.
  • If you want to apply to the Conexiones/Ecuador/2014 follow this link. You will also need to register here to meet the requirements of the Global Education Office (the GEO collects information from all study abroad students and monitors compliance with UNM regulations)
Feb. 10:
  • Here is the news on the GEO application fee question: For faculty-led programs such as Conexiones there will be no fee for applications made prior to April 1st. After that date, there will be a $75 application fee payable online that is in addition to the program fee. The fees are refundable on a case-by-case basis. This means that students can either begin the process by applying directly to the program to receive a provisional acceptance guaranteeing them a spot and then proceeding to complete GEO requirements. All UNM students in study abroad programs must complete GEO proceedures. GEO thus has important information on all UNM students studying outside of the US. posted by Mike Thomas

Feb. 8:
  • Yesterday we had the second meeting for prospective students at Financial Aid. Associate Director Joseph Gonzalez, and SFAO Administration Specialist Elizabeth Jaquez-Amador provided both general and personal financial aid information that was very helpful. Prospective student Sarah Sanchez has provided a link for people wanting to apply for the International Studies Institute Summer Studies Scholarship. The most up to date information on Financial Aid and Scholarships is here.
  • At the meeting I heard some very disturbing talk concerning the application process that the Global Education Office has instituted. All Conexiones/Ecuador/2014 students will have to use the GEO website to complete their application for study abroad. Conexiones is in transition. We have always (for 28 years) had our own application procedure and will continue to accept students via that proceedure (see the mini-brochure on the home page). Very soon, however, students will have to use the GEO website to apply. You are certainly welcome to begin the process at once. What disturbed me was the question of the application fee. We have always insisted that students pay a modest application fee (most recently $100) as "earnest money" showing a commitment to follow through on the application. The fee has been non-refundable but applies to the program fee so that it is not an extra charge. I heard yesterday, however, that the GEO is charging a $200 fee to apply to any study abroad program. I have some questions I obviously need to ask.
  • Another question involves Summer Semester Tuition. For as long as I can recall (which is quite some time), all Summer Semester students were charged in-state tuition regardless of whether they were natives or were from out of state. Rumor has it that this has changed. I need to find out. posted just past midnight (Feb 9) by Mike Thomas