Everyone must register for The Conexiones Core Program here described:

Every student, no exceptions, must register for this class:
  • UHON 301-030 Conexiones Ecuador CRN #16477

Everyone must register for one of three Spanish Courses: (Chose based on the UNM Spanish online placement exam (https://esurvey.unm.edu/opinio/s?s=214) OR the number closest to the number next in the UNM sequence of courses OR as suggested by one of The Conexiones Spanish faculty). Again you MUST register for one (and only one) of these:
  • SPAN 200-030 CRN #18701


  • SPAN 301-030 CRN #16500


  • SPAN 439-030 CRN #23287

This is the Conexiones Core program - 6 hours - Students can petition the Spanish department to have the UHON 301-030 seminar credits included in your count of Spanish credits. These are not Spanish credits but if the petition is granted, they will count along with the Spanish Credits you've earned in Spanish classes towards either a major or minor in Spanish. Since 1985 EVERY petition that has had the support of a Conexiones faculty member has been granted. In sum, you can earn six hours in our Core program that will count towards your Spanish degree even though three of those hours were not awarded through a Spanish Department class. Please read this carefully. We have had to explain this about 6000 times over the years and the exercise does not become more pleasant through repetition. Again, the core program is 6 credit hours, UHON 301 plus one of the three aforementioned Spanish classes.

Students can also earn credits beyond the six hour core: Here are some options:

(1) Enroll in UHON 301-029 Conexiones Lab CRN #23845 for 1 credit. This class will simply allow you to earn an extra hour of credit. There is no extra work, no extra reading, nothing you have to do extra beyond registering for it. The faculty contact hours justify granting credits beyond the 3 you'll earn in the other UHON class and this was the most convenient way to grant them. As with the core Honors course this credit can count along with the Spanish credits towards a Spanish degree if included in the petition
(2) Enroll in SPAN 203-030 "Spanish Conversation" CRN #19700 for 3 credits. As in the above UHON course, there is no extra work, no extra reading, etc. Your grade will be the same as the grade you earn in your Core Spanish class
(3) Enroll in SPAN 497-003 Undergraduate Problems/Independent Study CRN#11368 for 1-6 hours. This option will requite extra work as arranged with Dr. Enrique Lamadrid. The expectation here is that only students registered in the SPAN 301 or 439 core classes will be eligible for this option, which must be arranged with Dr. Lamadrid BEFORE departure for Ecuador.
(4) Students can register for 1-3 hours in UHON 399-006 Independent Study CRN #11618 for 1-3 hours This option will requite extra work as arranged with Dr. Michael Thomas. This must be arranged with Dr. Thomas BEFORE departure for Ecuador.

(5) students are free to work out other Independent Study arrangements with professors in other departments. We do, however, expect students to inform us of those arrangements.

Most students will want to take options (1) or (2) in that they will be able to earn 1-3 credit hours without any work requirements beyond those required in the core classes AND will not have to pay extra tuition.
Students will only have to pay extra tuition if they register for more than 9 credit hours. We have worked hard to create flexible options that will meet every contingency in maximizing the fit of the Conexiones program into all conceivable student degree plans Please read this carefully. Print it out and study it BEFORE calling or e-mailing one of the faculty members with questions.