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Honors College
Spring 2014

Conexiones/Ecuador/2014 Students,

This letter will help you determine the costs you face as a participant in Conexiones/Ecuador/2014. Some costs will vary from student to student depending on age, status as a graduate or undergraduate student, and other factors. Some costs are difficult to estimate because they are based on student choices. Similarly, we do not know what sort of resource students are able to muster via stipends, scholarship, and other forms of financial support. The program will obviously cost less depending on this support.. We cannot precisely and exhaustively specify, therefore, the out of pocket costs of participating in the program. What we can do is to let you know the costs that we are able to specify as certain and provide reasonable estimates as to other costs.

Certain Costs:
  • $ 1850.00 - Conexiones Program fee (covering room, board, and field road trip expenses during the 28 day session in Ecuador.
  • $ 1512.36 – Full time UNM Undergraduate Summer tuition (6-9 credit hours)

Variable Costs:

$1200.00- 1400.00 Albuquerque-Quito round trip privately arranged.
$856.62 Albuquerque-Quito group rate[1]
$ 70.00 Quito-Cuenca (one way)[2]

Trip Insurance (UNM required)

Personal Health Insurance or Insurance arranged independently of UNM
$39.40 HTH Insurance June 12-July12 (accepted by UNM) for participants up to 64 years old.

Medical Travel Consultation (UNM required)

Personally arranged with private physicianOR$15.00 as provided by UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)
Other costs – may include passport purchase ($65.00), meal costs during the flights, unanticipated travel costs (hotel, meals in the instance of missed flights, etc), entertainment and restaurant meals that are not covered by the program fee, gifts, photographic equipment, books, and other elective expenses. It is probably a good idea to budget $100.00/week

Summing up, the bare minimum (not including unanticipated and elective expenses) total for an undergraduate student using the group travel rate would be $4343.38. (minus, of course, the sum of scholarship and stipend awards)

Again, this should help students and Financial Aid consultants in planning



Michael A. Thomas PhD. Director Conexiones/Ecuador/2014

[1] The Program Group flight (carrier AeroMexico) departs from the Cd. Juarez airport. The sum listed includes the round trip fare ($782.62), Cd. Juarez-Quito plus round trip bus ($55.00) and airport shuttle fares ($20.00) Albuquerque-Juarez Airport.
[2] The program field center is in Cuenca and students must continue from Quito to Cuenca arriving in Cuenca by June 15. After two weeks in Cuenca, the program will embark on a road trip ending in Quito where students can return using their round trip tickets