Bandera Ecuatoriana
Bandera Ecuatoriana

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This wiki exists:

  1. to provide a forum for information about CONEXIONES/ECUADOR/2014. This program merges CONEXIONES, the UNM Honors College's venerable and celebrated Summer Study Abroad endeavor with the 2013 Ecuador Abroad pilot program that the Latin American and Iberian Institute's and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, along with the Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media introduced last year. CONEXIONES always involves students in immersion Spanish integrated with culture and natural history study. Each program also addresses a theme. The theme for CONEXIONES/ECUADOR/2014 is Indigenous Ecotourism in Ecuador. The wiki is dedicated to providing information and addressing questions about the program
  2. to provide support to students registered for the program as regards financial aid resources, health and safety, curriculum, necessities of travel, news, requirements, etc.
  3. to provide a communications forum for everyone associated with the LAII's Ecuador program. Members of the wiki can use the wiki messaging to communicate with anyone, several people, or everyone in the group.

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Ecuador: A Setting for Sustainable Indigenous Ecotourism?

The University of New Mexico, through the Honors College and the Latin American and Iberian Institute, offers this study abroad opportunity in intensive program of natural history, cultural history, and language study at UNM and the field sites including, Cuenca, Quito, La Isla de La Plata ,Ingapirca, and other locales in Ecuador. The program offers students seven to ten semester hours of credit and features a three-day orientation session at UNM, a four-week field experience, and three days of closing seminars at UNM upon return.

Based on human rights and natural rights of Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, the new constitution of Ecuador, Chapter Two, Article 395 affirms that "The State shall guarantee a sustainable model of development, one that is environmentally balanced and respectful of cultural diversity, conserves biodiversity and the natural regeneration capacity of ecosystems, and ensures meeting the needs of present and future generations."

With more than 5000 endemic species, Ecuador is one of the most mega-biodiverse nations on the planet. It is also one of the least developed countries in Latin America. Its leaders and citizens are torn between the obligations to preserve nature and provide for human needs. The curse of oil has skewed its economy and ruined vast tracts of Amazonian forests, but a fascinating and innovative "post-petroleum" era is dawning.

Ecuador lies in Chinchay Suyu, the northwest quadrant of Tahuantin Suyu, the Incan empire of the four directions. The natural and cultural histories of Ecuador are deeply intertwined and illustrate the idea that biological and cultural diversity support and sustain each other.

CONEXIONES/ECUADOR/2014 will address these issues by engaging the emerging Indigenous Ecotourism phenomenon in Ecuador, the Conexiones thematic focus for 2014. Student engagement in language, culture, and natural history study will provide the intellectual infrastructure for exploring this theme.

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