I (MT) used the Honors P Card to purchase tickets for the first leg of the ABQ-Quito sojourn. These tickets are for the bus ride from Albuquerque to El Paso. I bought tickets for everyone on the CJS-Quito flight excepting those who will be getting rides from friends or family. I have tickets for Sam Johnson, Isabel Haverkamp, Antonio Gonzales, Gina Lopez, Sage Vogel, Felipe Ruibal, Antonio Barreda, Blythe Hunt, Kayla Arnone, Poala Golden, Terrence Baker, Mattew Winter, Sarah Sanchez, Marissa Higdon, and Megan Martinez. The tickets cost $27.00 ( I know, the ticket says 22.50 but I had to order them in blocks of five and a $22.50 fee is assessed and added to the block if the purchaser is not traveling with the group. Each block of 5 tickets thus cost $135.00. Do the math and you'll see that each ticket cost $27.00) You will have to pay for these tickets but we can work out the method later. Remember that this route is saving you literally hundreds of dollars.

These blocks of five tickets each can be downloaded and printed.

Sample ticket:
tickets group 2-page-001.jpg