Below are the groups for the Cuadernitos de Junio
Nearly all the Cuadernito work is based on the Ecuador Reader. Any supplemental materials (e.g. films, music, other readings) will be provided by your TA instructor. You should print your Cuadernito and respond on the hard copy for appropriate activities and in a typed document to response questions. Read the instructions carefully before beginning. If you plan to petition for Spanish Credit for the UNOH course all Cuadernito work must be completed in Spanish.

Cuadernito 1

TA: Felipe Ruibal,
Antonio Barreda
Blythe Hunt
Alyssa Herrera

Cuadernito 2

TA: Marián Elizo,
Antionio Gonzales
Marissa Higdon
Sara Sanchez

Cuadernito 3

TA: Maria Elena Corral,
Megan Martinez
Terrance Baker
Paola Golden

Cuadernito 4

TA: Samuel Johnson,
Kayla Arnone
Lauren Kedge
Gina Lopez
Matthew Winter
Sage Vogel (Honors Student Leader)

The reader can be purchased in the UNM Bookstore or on Amazon here:
The book is also available as an ebook on Google Play here:
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