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1. Applicants must have taken course work in Spanish at any level or possess minimal knowledge of the language. (The program language study director will interview heritage speakers who have not completed a course in Spanish) A take-home exam on required culture study readings must be completed in satisfactory fashion prior to registration.

2. Students sign up for a minimum of 7 credit hours and a maximum of 10 credit hours. Program classes include:
  • Honors UHON 301 – Cultures and Natural History of Ecuador – all students must register for this course. It will be cross-listed with various departments, check)
  • Spanish: all students must register for one (and only one) of the following: SPAN 200, 301, or 439 (3 credit hours).
  • Students may register for Spanish 203 or a 300 level Independent Study.

3. Students travel to Ecuador and return to Albuquerque at their own expense

4. After an extensive field tour of Ecuador, participants will be placed with local families in Cuenca.

5. Students pay UNM tuition plus CONEXIONES fees ($1850 which includes room, board, and program travel during the field session in Ecuador.)


* Early Application Deadline I: Jan. 24
* Early Application Deadline II: Feb. 21
* Conexiones Fee Deadline : May 16
* Home Campus Intensive I: June 9-11
* Air Travel to Ecuador : June 12-15
* Field Session - Ecuador: June 16 ‑ July 11
* Travel to Home Campus (UNM): July 12 - 20
* Home Campus Intensive II: July 21-23

7. Conventional financial aid is available through the UNM Financial Aid Office Students need to arrange this as early as possible. The UNM Global Education Office has information on UNM’s Study Abroad Scholarships. Honors College Travel Stipends and other scholarship aid from various sources will be available.

8. Find out more by exploring this wiki.

9. To apply send the application information (see below) and a non-refundable check made out to Conexiones/Honors/UNM for $100 to this address:

University Honors Program
MSC06 3890
#21 University College
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87l31-1566

Alternately you can e-mail the information to and mail the check or bring the check by the Honors College office (Lower Level Student Health Bldg. room#21).

To be sure of a place in the program apply as early as possible. Upon application, students will be accepted into the program on a provisional basis. Information on registration and more about the program will be provided at that time.


City, State, Zip
Home Telephone
Work Telephone
Banner Number:
Class: (1,2,3,4, Grad., Non-degree)
Major, Minor
Knowlege of Spanish: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Spanish Courses Taken
Date of Application

10. For more information contact Director Michael Thomas (Honors College, ) or Sam Johnson (LAII